East Brunswick NJ Professional Building For Sale
Sale Price $
Located in the center of East
Brunswick New Jersey the heart of
Middlesex County is this Prime East
Brunswick Office Building for Sale.  
Comprised of  3 Floors of Clear Span
Space meaning the building has no
bearing walls this office building can
easily be modified for any use.  
Situated at the corner of Route #18
and Milltown Road in East Brunswick
NJ (Milltown Road is a County Road)
you simply have the best location in
East Brunswick.  Additionally due to
the location you have the benefits of
immediate access to both the North
and South Side of Route 18 due to
the u-turn immediately next to the
property.  Lastly this office building is
zoned in a retail zone meaning you
can put more than just an office but a
retail store on the property.  This
property features the 3L's most
savvy real estate investors are
looking for: Location, Location and
Key Building Features:
Large Floor to Ceiling Windows that Open
Granite Entranceway
400 AMP Electrical Service
Large Signage on Route 18 and Milltown Road
39 Milltown Road Features Many Money Saving Features Typically not found in a building of its
size or age.  These Features include:
Outside Security Cameras
Want to know more?
Contact Owner at:
KPLS Holding Company, Inc.
(732) 257-5040
Top Hat Properties, Inc.
1028 Route #23 North
Wayne, NJ 08831
(732) 735 4010
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Welcome To 39 Milltown Road Located at the Corner of Rt#18 and Milltown Road
Simply the Best Mid-Sized Office Building For Sale in East Brunswick NJ
39 Milltown Road is not required to have a sprinkler system:  This feature alone can
save its owner upward of $250.00 per month on service contracts and maintenance.  
This building has not been required to have  a sprinkler system due to the fact that it
is made of mostly brick and steel which are non combustible materials saving you
money on yearly insurance costs.
Key Money Saving Office Building Features Not Found on Most Buildings:
39 Milltown Road is not required to have an elevator.  History: In the early 1970 during
the first American gas crisis.  The first green revolution started  Architects found ways
for building owners to save on heating and cooling costs by building the first level
slightly below grade with the advantage of saving up to 40% on heating and air
conditioning costs yet still maintaining space for large windows and natural light.  An
added benefit of this design feature was that they could build 2 additional levels and
save the expense of an elevator because the height of the 3rd floor was half that of a
conventional building.  Remember elevators are expensive to maintain and power as
the average elevator service contract is over $1000.00 per month, and that does not
include your additional liability insurance costs for an elevator.  Lastly an elevator if
damaged by a child or felon can costs thousands of dollars in out of pocket expenses
to repair.
Nearly Maintenance Free Block Exterior
Key Area Features:
Strong Demographics
High Traffic Count
Less than 10 minutes to the following Roads:
Route 1, Route 9, New Jersey Turnpike,
39 Milltown Road is not a stick built or steel building.  Everyone knows that concrete
block buildings are stronger and conserve energy by staying cool in the summer and
warm in the winter due to the thick outer construction.  This thick outer construction
also is much stronger and can withstand high winds.
All Brokers Protected
Building Zoned Retail For All Uses